Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Too busy writin' and travellin' ...

With winter finally passing into history, my travelling season here in Europe is in full swing. The good news for me is that all this travelling means more writing, and more and more people are wanting to pay me for it. A tricky balance of fingers-to-keyboard, being on the road, and doing my "real job" ... but a lot of fun. Check out a few of my recent efforts here:
  • Soccer madness is on the way again: Student Traveler magazine has published "I Got the Fever!", my round-up on how the World Cup is following me around the globe.
  • In turn, World Cup fever's leading to an upsurge in interest in Germany: for example, see some of my writing at the Jaunted travel blog, like "Oh Lord, Won't You Buy Me..."
  • And my most regular job over at Suite 101 is rolling along smoothly as I splurge all the secrets on why Eastern Europe and Russia are hot travel destinations: you can read all the recent articles here (and do my language poll while you're at it!)

Since my Easter in England, I've had a weekend in Basel and the Black Forest, and trips are planned to Bratislava, Vienna and Paris in the coming weeks. Plenty to squeeze in before the next winter arrives!

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