Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Tasty in Trnava

Thursday's Christi Himmelfahrt holiday gave me a four-day weekend in Bratislava and Vienna - have I mentioned before that they're the two nearest capital cities in the world? Or so I'm told. As well as meeting up with dear friends I haven't seen since August 2005, I spent more than a few korunas on eating and drinking. Čokoláda, my most favourite hot chocolate shop on the planet, served up my favourite drink, Sudanská: melted chocolate, orange pieces, coconut and honey; and in Vienna, the quandary of which cake to choose hit me again at the Aida Konditorei.

A day trip to the country town of Trnava, about an hour by train from Bratislava, was a welcome break from city life. And while the lunch I eventually chose proved quite satisfactory, the menu left a bit to be desired: but if you happen to have tried the Czech rotten cheese, let me know how it tastes.

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  1. Hello from Trnava,

    I hope that my home town made an impression on you and you liked it here.

    With regard to the rotten cheese from Czech town of Olomouc, it is a traditional product which only have a specific smell, but tastes fine and together with bread and onion it is a delicious meal. Really, I'm not kidding... :)

    Here are some pics:


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