Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Sunday morning Monet

Sunday morning in the State Gallery of Stuttgart: every Monet fan and his dog streamed in for the second day of the Fields in Spring exhibition, featuring forty-one Monets and a handful of tangentially-related others. We didn’t bring our dog (possibly because we don’t have one), but we were there.

I’ve always found Monet’s pastels soothing, even before I had the benefit of an artist-boyfriend to whisper in my ear about brushstrokes and the use of red in the foreground. Somehow, unsurprisingly, my lust for travel almost overcame my intrigue in the paintings: I became obsessed with reading the label next to each painting which told of its home gallery. I was excited to see – again – a painting I’d stared at in the Hermitage in St Petersburg, and another I might see in my upcoming trip to New York at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I wonder if I’ll ever kick my habit of linking my whole life to travelling. To be honest, I hope not!


  1. Amanda, as you are the writer who covers Eastern Europe, tell me please, are you going to visit Ukraine and write about this country? And is there any interest among travel mags to Ukraine.
    Thanks, Sasha.

  2. Hi Sasha, I do hope to get to the Ukraine: I have a friend to visit there, which is always an extra good incentive. I think there's a growing interest in the Ukraine - for example last year when the tourist visa restrictions were lifted for the Eurovision Song Contest, everybody wanted to know about Ukraine! Stay tuned :-)


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