Friday, May 12, 2006

Bringing Fame to a theatre on the cliffs

Last month, you might remember, I spent part of Easter trekking along the south-western tip of England with my friend Tatiana. As we've all heard a gazillion times before, travel is about the journey, not the destination. Well, this time, the journey was indeed incredible: but the goal, Minack Theatre, almost outshone it.

Rowena Cade is probably not someone you've heard of, but she was an incredible Cornish woman with both ideas and muscle power. Her legacy is the spectacularly located Minack Theatre. With the stage on the lower edge of the cliff and the seating in amphitheatre style running up to the mainland, we'd expected only to have a browse around as the theatre season (sensibly) only runs in summer. But luck was on our side and an amateur drama group was performing the musical "Fame" over Easter.

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