Wednesday, March 29, 2006

At the polling booth

It’s all in a picture: last weekend, voters around here went to the polls to elect new local governments, and although being naturally ineligible to vote in Germany, I couldn’t help but make my own decisions based largely on the atrocious pictures many of the candidates chose for their all-over-town posters.

I’m having my own poll this month, over at my new Eastern Europe and Russia site at Suite 101. Rather than choosing a pollie to make bad decisions for you for the next few years, this poll asks you to decide on your favoured form of holiday in this fascinating area. Hop over to the poll here (half way down the page) and cast your vote for hip cities St Petes and Prague, training it on the Trans-Sib, chilling on the Croatian coast or hiking the High Tatras … results will be featured here soon!

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