Tuesday, November 08, 2005

When life brings you roses

This blog is supposed to extend to "life" as well, and here's a topic from my weekly life. A girl on her own has to spoil herself sometimes - in fact I do it every week by gifting myself a bunch of flowers. My 40-minute walk along the Neckar River, at the moment stomping through the crunchy autumn leaves, takes me to Pflanzen K├Âlle, a great garden nursery with cut flowers for sale as well. On the right you can see the perfect roses I bought myself this week - 20 for the unbelieveable price of 2.99!

But discussing this with a friend brought up an interesting point - what can a man do to spoil himself each week, if he's not into the bunch of flowers idea? My criteria are strict - not expensive, not unhealthy, and something you see whenever you come home. Ideas, readers? Leave a comment if you have a brainwave.

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  1. A porno magazine leaps to mind - a giant pin-up poster of Betty Big-Boobs dominating the lounge room. But whether or not that is healthy is debatable. A sports mag instead?


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