Monday, November 14, 2005

The blind lead the blind to Burg Stettenfels

It’s always great to stay with locals when you’re travelling in an unexplored region. But staying with pseudo-locals who are actually from the other hemisphere is perhaps not such a smart move. But my Slovak friend Tatiana (who showed me that great sunset in Croatia last summer) happily spent the weekend being guided around the Heilbronn area by two reasonably ignorant Australian girls, namely my colleague Meredith and I.

Our tripping took us first through our favourite nearby village of Bad Wimpfen (check back here in December for reports on its perfect Christmas markets), where we enjoyed a long lunch. The next day had us enjoying the sunshiny view up at a local castle, Burg Stettenfels near Untergruppenbach, followed by, guess what, a long lunch which turned into dinner. We introduced Tatiana to Apfelschorle (apple juice and mineral water), more than a few local wines, and some Swabian foods including SpƤtzle and Maultaschen (info on these here). Whether us two Aussies gave our Slovak pal a clear impression of the region or not is questionable, but she wants to come back, which has got to say something.

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  1. Seems that you had an interesting visit, my mum says yes!

    Looking forward to Phantom


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