Thursday, October 20, 2005

No men allowed!

I was reminded of the issue of women-only hotels when it popped up in a textbook in class today. The male students were a little indignant – “Where are the men-only hotels?!” The text went on to suggest that women who travel on business alone tend to spend evenings in front of the TV pigging out on mini-bar chocolates, a problem which would be solved by opening more women-only hotels.

I’m not so sure if a night “on the chocolate” is such a bad thing, but I do quite like the idea of women-only hotels, especially after my mother and I stayed in the Intermezzo Hotel for Women in Berlin last summer. Sorry blokes, but there was a special feel to this otherwise simple hotel – not much more than a hostel, in terms of facilities, but the simple touches showed that this was quite a special place for women, and it really was impressively quiet, clean and safe-feeling. A handy women’s travel site, Journeywoman, had me browsing through a surprising number of women-only hotels – it obviously sometimes makes business sense to exclude 50% of your potential customers!

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