Saturday, October 29, 2005

A devil of a day in Lübeck?!

My last-minute long weekend in northern Germany began with a day trip to Lübeck, home to no less than seven splendid church spires, a massive marzipan industry and a cool devil sitting outside the Marienkirche (allegedly the third-largest church in Germany).

This devil especially took my fancy because, well, for one he’s cute, and secondly, he’s there because he likes to drink wine. In fact, he’s also a bit stupid, because the story goes that when they were building the church, he thought it was going to be a wine bar, and helped them build it even faster. When he found out the truth, he flew at the half-built church with a boulder, but just before he let it fall to destroy the walls, the workers promised to build him a wine bar nearby. He let the boulder fall next to the church instead – it’s still there, claw marks and all – and not much later enjoyed a drink at the wine bar built under the nearby Town Hall. All’s well that ends well – just be sure you know who’s the devil in this picture, or there’ll be more flying boulders.

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