Saturday, October 15, 2005

Cool climates are cool

This might sound very un-Australian of me, but I'm starting to really enjoy the advantages of a country which actually has four seasons. Back home, the designations should really be "long summer" and "short mix of autumn and spring" - winter, we skip completely. Here in southwest Germany, nature follows the seasonal expectations with textbook accuracy.

Right now in Heilbronn I'm enjoying the "golden October" autumn, which to date has involved two full weeks of foggy mornings swept away by bright shiny afternoons. Driving to work this week past incredibly multi-coloured trees, and walking along the river with a satisfying crunch on the fallen leaf carpet, reminded me of the first time I understood autumn. Suitably enough, it was also in Germany, when I stayed in Berlin as an exchange student in October 1990. For many years I kept a photograph on my desk of the autumn-coloured leaves in a park near my host family's flat. Now I don't need a photo, I just need to look outside or take a stroll.

And the best is yet to come. Weinlese (grape picking) season is slowly coming to an end (which might, sadly, halt the flow of grapes from students to teacher), but that means it can't be long until the vines themselves become a magic display of bright colours. I love the views of the hilly vineyards around here in all seasons, but autumn is perhaps the best of all. Pictures to follow!


  1. Just wondering if I am welcome to your blog? Seeing as I AM a Ballerina!!

    Great Blog!!

  2. Sorry Ballerinagurl, I didn't mean to sound too anti-ballerina and of course you are welcome here, since you asked so nicely :-)

  3. Hi Amanda, Andy from Bratislava (and Leeds) here. Great to read your poetic description of autumn in Germany. No doubt your German is more fluent now than the fundamental 'Ve vill ask ze kvestions!'
    Helen and I are still in the UK but will be off again in the new year. Have a wonderful year and keep writing. Love, Andy x


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