Sunday, October 30, 2005

Beside the Baltic seaside

My lovely weekend hosts, Ron, Alli and 10-month-old Chiara, who live in Bordesholm, near Kiel, understood well what a fellow Aussie living in a landlocked part of Germany needed: a trip to the beach. After a drive through the farmlands of Schleswig-Holstein surrounding Kiel, we spent an afternoon walking and playing at the beach near the Kieler Foerde, fronting the Baltic Sea.

Getting an ankle-workout in the soft sand, sniffing at the sentimental stench of rotting seaweed and tentatively testing the water at its edge (result: not very salty, not very warm!), all made for a perfect afternoon. I’ve now approached the Baltic Sea from many angles, including the Latvian and Estonian ones, but I’ve still never taken a plunge. Maybe next time I’ll visit little Chiara (the new love of my life, pictured with me enjoying the sea) in summer and finally get a Baltic Sea baptism.

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  1. I love you too Amanda! Come back soon and see me again. Love Chiara.


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