Friday, August 19, 2005

Travel report: Darling Dubrovnik

It's not often that anywhere - especially for me, a city - lives up to the hype. But southern Croatia's Dubrovnik really is a beautiful city. Unfortunately, several thousand day-trippers coming off cruise-ships, easily identifiable by the bright stickers on their shirts, showing the number of their tour bus, also thought so, and our first wander down the marbled Placa (the main street of the Old Town) was an elbow-to-elbow one.

But after wandering the harbour we returned through the Old Town and stepped just a few metres off Placa into the winding alleys. Here we could breathe easily and get a better sense of Dubrovnik's beauty. You can get a glimpse of this at this link, but wait for my photos in the near future for a proper look. With the narrow gaps between some houses, the endless stairs and the lack of car access, I can't imagine how a house removal would work out in this part of the world.

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