Friday, August 05, 2005

Travel report: Clear across Austria

Apologies to Austria. Yesterday for, I think, the seventh time, we drove clear across the country, stopping only for petrol and snacks.

I really like Austria, and I feel a real affinity for any country that makes money from kangaroos - it only takes five minutes in Vienna to find a T-shirt or cap reading "No kangaroos in Austria" - but the problem is that it is a relatively small country lying between some of our common destinations, namely Germany and the Slovak and Czech Republics.

Some day we will give Austria the time I am sure it deserves. In the meantime, we are back in the Czech Republic, this time visiting our dear friends Zitka and Paul in Brno. And although we are not quite back in our old hometown of Bratislava yet, the trams are looking reassuringly familiar and the mouth-stretching sounds of Czech are reminding us of the Slovak language we have forgotten. And the keyboards in internet cafes are preventing me from using any apostrophes. It really is a lovely thing to have so many homes around the world to return to.

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