Monday, August 15, 2005

Travel flashback: Abruka Island, August 2003

I’m always saying that travelling’s all about the people you meet, right? When we reached Estonia’s island holiday capital, Saaremaa, we found the place teeming with beaming, friendly locals. A B&B owner waiting at the bus stop understood gracefully that her room was too expensive for us, but cheerfully walked us the twenty-minute route to one of the island’s hostels. When we cheekily asked the receptionist here about a cheaper competing hostel we’d read of in our guidebook, she happily phoned ahead and reserved a spot for us before giving comprehensive directions. I quickly decided that Estonians were great people.

But during our stay on Saaremaa, I discovered that travelling can also be about the dogs you meet. Two years ago this week, we spent a day on tiny Abruka Island, a speck on the map south of Saaremaa, and met a helpful dog who we’ve never forgotten. You can relive our day with my story “Abby of Abruka Island: The Terrier Tour of Estonia” on Magic Carpet Journals.

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