Thursday, August 11, 2005

So-called summer ... in Croatia

I'm not in touch with current news enough to know if, perhaps, this summer in Europe is freakishly colder than normal. But of our first ten days on the road, in the height of summer, I can really only report a lot of rain.

So it was lucky today that we took our umbrellas on our stroll along the beach in Biograd, Croatia (just south of Zadar). As Australians accustomed to deserted white sandy beaches we were understandably a little let down by the pebbly crowded ones here, but in their defence, as many Europeans have told me, pebble beaches do lead to clearer water. Despite the weather, Croatia has proven very welcoming so far, with the Plitvice Lakes (a tiny portion is pictured) being a real highlight: possibly the single most beautiful place I've ever seen in the world. Go there!

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