Sunday, August 07, 2005

Sentimental in Bratislava

Yesterday we “came home” to Bratislava, Slovakia, where we lived from September 2003 until July 2004. Being lucky enough to stay in our old neighbourhood meant the bus and tram journey into the city centre had some kind of time travel effect, and it quickly felt like we had never left. We could walk around Bratislava and bump into people we know, a sure way to feel right at home.

As I always say, of course, it is the people that make a place. Already, I’ve been lucky enough to meet up with numerous old friends, especially my Slovak soulmate Zitka (see photo) who hosted us in Brno and then came down with us to Bratislava for the weekend; and in typical multi-cultural-madness fashion, we spent an hour at the airport introducing our Slovak friends Tatiana and Martin - thanks for the fantastic accommodation, guys! - to our Canadian friend Charlotte, who we recently stayed with in Prague, and who was taking exactly the same flight to Split as Tatiana and Martin. What’s more, we’ll meet up with Tatiana and Martin later in the week ourselves - we enjoyed making jokes about going to Croatia to return the keys to their flat.

I’ll always have a real fondness for Bratislava, both because of the people I met and because of the unique point in history when I lived there. An article I wrote a year or so ago puts it best, perhaps: check out “Blueberries in Bratislava” in Glimpse magazine. And in the meantime, enjoy the sunset view from my old Bratislava flat.

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  1. You'll make me sentimental! Infact I have been mentally revisiting B'lava, creating an infrastructure plan for Novy Petrzalka (uni assignment). CHeck out google earth and you can zoom back there any time you like!!!
    cheers from sunny sydney


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