Saturday, July 23, 2005

Who can design me a Hundertwasser home?

If I really could live in any building in the world, I’d choose anything that the clever, crazy Austrian Friedensreich Hundertwasser designed or influenced. After falling in love with Vienna’s Hundertwasser Haus and KunstHausWien's collection of his art, there was no way I could mistake another Hundertwasser legacy when we quite by chance drove past the Altenrhein Markthalle in Switzerland the other weekend.

One thing I love is that Hundertwasser’s projects never stopped at art galleries, nor simple apartment blocks or shopping centres: the very first Hundertwasser I saw was a heating plant in Vienna; and the next time I drop in on all my friends in Osaka, they might be surprised to hear how keen I am to check out the Maishima Incineration Plant!

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