Monday, July 11, 2005

Travel report: Lake Constance

“Oh I do like to be beside the seaside …” For many Germans (who conveniently use the same word, See, to describe both a lake and the sea) Lake Constance is their summer holiday destination of choice. And although the only time it feels like a real sea is when the clouds come in to obscure vision to the other side – be it Switzerland or Austria, each of which share some of the shoreline – there is at least a feeling of open space and a freshness to the air.

Despite approaching mid-July, this past weekend wasn’t the warmest of times, but the typically cutesy German villages dangling over a lake made up for it. Meersburg in the middle of the north coast particularly impressed me (that's some of it behind me). Recommendations from a student – thanks, Rainer! – had us checking out stone age stilt houses in Unteruhldingen, ferrying to Konstanz, and researching Zeppelins in Friedrichshafen. Nobody, unfortunately, could fix the weather or the Staus (traffic jams) which plagued us on the way home. Aahh, summer in Germany.

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