Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Let's start at the very beginning

It seems a bit too momentous, this opening blog entry, but then again, it's something that'll gradually slip down the page and only the most devoted reader will find it again, right?

Just the same, let me tell you something about why this blog's here. Together with my website, it's part of an attempt to convince myself – and subsequently the world, which seems to be easier to convince than me – that I’m a writer. And to leap completely out of the closet about it. My good friend and all-round-artist Jeff Bilman (screenwriter, cartoonist, painter extraordinaire) told me quite clearly a year or so ago that there’s no point being a writer that nobody knows about. I should be loud, proud and out there. He was right, of course, and you’ll never believe this: since then, when I’ve nervously told people I’m a writer, not one of them has laughed in my face. Not one!

Right now, it’s travel writing that gets most of my attention, largely because this is where I have the most material. I’m currently living and working in southern Germany, after a year in Bratislava, Slovakia, and two in Osaka, Japan. Along with my like-minded boyfriend, Ian, we’ve been travelling and exploring as much as possible, and travel stories arise pretty naturally out of this, especially when I add Ian’s great photos to the mix. But like many, my ultimate dream is to publish a book – or in my case, at least two, a novel and a travel narrative. Watch this space!

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